SaaS Product manager F/H

  • Paris
  • Full-Time
  • Start Date: 31 August 2021
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Ipsos est le leader en France des études de marché et des enquêtes d’opinion. Groupe français indépendant, fondé en 1975, Ipsos opère aujourd’hui dans 90 pays et donne aux entreprises et aux institutions pour lesquelles il travaille, les clés de compréhension de la société, des marchés, des citoyens et des consommateurs.

Une mission qui s’appuie sur la disruption numérique, l’extension des domaines d’observations et l’innovation continue pour améliorer la finesse des analyses.

Intégrer Ipsos aujourd’hui c’est :

  • Choisir un métier passionnant au cœur des enjeux d’actualités et des transformations de la société.
  • Bénéficier d’une multiplicité d'opportunités d’apprentissage dans des secteurs différents : le marketing, la publicité, les médias, la politique, le CRM, qui intègrent les dernières innovations digitales et technologiques.
  • Se voir confier des responsabilités immédiatement sur des études avec de véritables perspectives d’évolutions professionnelles.
  • Evoluer au sein d’un groupe international dans lequel les opportunités de mobilité sont une réalité.

Pour répondre aux nouveaux besoins de ses clients, Ipsos dispose de plus de 75 services différents regroupés dans 17 Lignes de Services.

Cette nouvelle organisation nous permet d’aiguiser nos expertises pour apporter à nos clients des réponses précises à leurs questions, en nous permettant d’être plus spécialisés, rapides et homogènes sur tous les marchés.

Job Description

Synthesio, acquired by Ipsos in 2018 and named leader by Forrester, allows global brands and agencies to optimize their decisions and strategy about their products and their impact. Synthesio centralizes numerous public consumer data footprints including social, reviews & ratings, survey, search and press data. After the collection phase, Synthesio enriches it through AI models and provides AI-enabled intelligence in many different visualizations.

At Synthesio, the product practice is at the center of the company. Product managers assemble opinion and feedbacks from customers and colleagues to create consensus around a shared vision. To achieve that, Product managers focus on the discovery whereas the team is owning the success of the sprint. Each teams, which are as independant as possible, also chooses their own deliverables and timelines.

Summary of your mission

  • You will collect feedback on features to assess viability and feasibility for inclusion in the roadmap.
  • You will combine quantitative data analysis, qualitative research including internal and external customer interviews as well as your intuition into the main product deliverable: the narrative.
  • With the user experience specialist, you'll determine how a set of features will look in detail.
  • With the tech team, you'll determine how new features can be implemented. Together, you will build a solid project with iterative deliveries.
  • You will determine which existing customer requests for enhancement will be inserted into the roadmap.
  • With the other product managers, you will write essential documentation that comes each time new features are released.
  • You will work closely with the Marketing team to ensure product information and communication is properly positioned within the Synthesio content offerings.


  • Improve a large existing suite of consumer intelligence products sold to customers from 60+ countries.
  • Use brand new technologies to uncover insights: Real-time AI models (Natural Language Generation, Computer Vision) and Predictive analytics.
  • Find and integrate the consumers data footprint of tomorrow
  • Integrate into the technology the Ipsos obsession of data quality, representativeness and privacy
  • Allow market research analysts to produce advanced reporting on consumer conversations, behavior and values.
  • Join a multi-role team, which will make you participate in the definition of qualitative features through data visualizations, data science models, data engineering services...

Preferred Experience

  • Experience You have at least 3 years experience building or improving a commercially sucessful tech product. An experience in SaaS would be a plus.
  • Analytical You have strong analytical skills. You are Proficient with data-informed product development and with agile methodology (scrum).
  • Emphatic You are a great listener, communicator and a collaborative ethusiast. You understand and value your customer and colleagues's feedbacks, struggles and needs.
  • Driving outcomes You're Independent, self-organizing, and able to prioritize multiple complex assignments with a unshakable attention to detail.
  • Language You speak, write and read in french and english.
  • UX You have a strong appetite for great user experience.
  • Technical One of the position involves a quite technical aspect of our technology, the data collection and preparation phase. A technical background would be a plus.

Recruitment Process

  • A 30 minute screening phone call
  • A 60-90 minute interview with the VP Product. You'll conduct a situational exercice (video call possible)
  • 3-4 meet & greet (30 minute each) with various members of the team (others product managers, Frontend and Backend engineers, Product marketing managers...etc) (video call possible)
  • Proposal

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 31 August 2021
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Experience: > 3 years
  • Possible full remote